Hey, lovers…

I’m Amber.

I dream of becoming a fashion (editorial) stylist, owning my own boutique/shop (with my sister as my partner in crime of course), having a series of fitness videos, designing my own clothing line, a room dedicated to being my walk-in closet complete with a mirrored vanity and chair, a black Baby Grand in the middle of my all white living room, meeting Barack Obama and having a side conversation with Beyoncé as I interview her.

Some of my favorite things to do...write, dream, learn, be inspired, sleep, exercise (no jogging, please), read magazines, walk around the house in heels, buy underwear (though I could survive with only seven pair, smoothies, take long (coach) bus rides, fly (yes, in an airplane), read fiction and self-help books, teach people things, clean, whip my hair back and forth (thanks Willow for the terminology), twirl, eat massive grilled chicken salads, happy people...and that's all for now. 

I am one of the two campus correspondents and editor of Her Campus Rider University

This is my New Balance Fitness blog...click here.
This is my IFB profile...click here.
This is my virtual portfolio…click here.
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