Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Which look is your face? Who are you currently looking towards for outfit inspirations?

Monday, December 27, 2010


Are these style tips helpful? Is there anything else you wanna know? Lemme know by dropping off a gift in the c-notes section.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Green is actually one of the only colors I feel comfortable wearing. Especially emerald and Kelly green. What's your fave?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Feeling Exotic

I'm not the biggest sandal girl...

And leopard's usually too obviously vulgarly sexy for my taste but I'm in love with these Miu Miu calf hair leopard print sandals. I think because the hue of the browns and beiges are subdued and muted and the five inches whisper my arch's name and make them tingle.

And notice the sexy zipper on the heel in the back. The colors and shape of the shoe scream daytime Parisian chic but the adornment makes them nighttime doable. 

Kim And I Have The Same Boots!

Kim Kardashian shooting the opening credits for KKTNY
I bought these same boots when I was in London in March of this year and since then I've only worn them maybe ten times. I was shopping with my sister and she bought them first. After I saw her with them I just had to have them. I was dying to find a pair of over-the-knee boots that I could actually afford and so I was smitten when I found these. So why can I count the number of times I've worn them? Well, the heels is probably about four and a half inches tall—not tall enough for me! I can't work with anything under five inches anymore. On top of that, i've realized that i prefer thigh high boots versus over-the-knee. They work on Kim because she's five inches short than me. Also, my major peeve with these boots is that when I walk more than fifty meters they start sagging over my knees and such. Gets really unbearably annoying.

But yeah, this is still cool.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thing's I'm Loving...

Twenty-one seconds of pure magic...absolute favorite commercial airing right now. It's the only ad since Charlize Theron in J'adore Dior that's combined sexiness with class and a dash of ethereal beauty. Love the concept + it's stunning to watch (don't ya love the eye candy?!)

Just bought this professional emery board from the Sephora Collection a couple hours and took it for a test file. Fell in love. Now usually seven inches isn't enough to satisfy me...
This is an exception, go figure.
Kim's on other December covers (like Cleo in South Africa) but this one I love as well as the spread. Love the different makeup looks. 
Which one is your fave?
I told you how much I adored Jessica Alba's December Elle cover but back then they hadn't released this photo. This one is my favorite. Love the glasses. So fun and fab.

Candy colors for's all I'm about these days! So excited, are you?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Know How Much You All Adore The Kardashians...

So here's some Kardashian stuff for you.
Can I just tell you how much I l o v e this picture?

Khloe gushed on Twitter and her blog that she is in love with this purple Birkin bag that her hubby Lamar got her for their anniversary but I love the affection he's showing her in this picture. True affection is the one thing that I think that cannot be faked and by Lamar's expression in this photo it clearly isn't.

There's too many things about this Christmas card that I love to mention them all—here's a synopsis.

This photo is the epitome of what a family holiday greeting card should be to me.

I think the way the individual families are broken up is sweet and clever.

Come on, the fashion is insane! Look at Khloe's tiered gown—the soft bush color against her flawless complexion, the contrasting liquid silver belt that accentuates her curvy waist—it is to die for. Loved that Kourtney didn't go with the obvious glamour gown look and went for a mens tuxedo and sultry dark lips.

Stunning family, stunning staircase, stunning colors, stunning, stunning, stunning.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ain't Going Nowhere

Ri Ri leaving her hotel in London
I swear every month it's something new...

And I love it. Rihanna never gives you a chance to get used to her. She's always changing, evolving but remaining true to herself and that's the key to longevity.  That's why she's here to stay.

Do you like that Rihanna traded in her candy apple locks for something closer to her natural hair color, a silky chocolate brown?

I enjoyed the red. I like the change.

Just Had To Let You Know...

...That I'm currently obsessing over Ciara's leather jacket and ring in this Essence photo shoot. I love how she put together her outfit—it's sporty, rocker chic, tough and edgy all at once.

Let's Fly Away

Okay, so I kinda have an obsession with airports...
Jessica Alba at LAX
I digress.

I love flying—the flight have been the highlights of some past trips I have taken. But it's simply my itch to see the world, my boundless wanderlust and airport style of course! I love airport style because number one is to be comfortable and warm, espesh on two-hour plus flights. So, heels or no heels? I say heels. True, you need to be in comfortable shoes in case you need to make a run for it—I have been in this predicament in the worst ways many times—but there's just something so posh and picturesque about walking out of the airport with your feet perched in a pair of five-inch pumps, isn't it?

Here are some of my favorite airport looks from some celebs.
Beyonce in LAX
Heidi Klum at LAX
Kim Kardashian at Heathrow
Leann Rimes leaving LAX
I am strong in the belief that there are very few times when style should be compromised. Traveling is definitely not one of them.

(+) Traveling gives you the perfect excuse to wear excessive layers, (so comfy!) which I absolutely love.

(+) Blanket scarves are heaven on long flights.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

You Can't Get Him By Spreading Your Legs...

“I did it because I wanted him to like me.”

Hold up, wait, what? Rewind.

“I did it because I wanted him to like me.”

The above statement is one that appalls me, has me disappointed and disturbed. More so because of how common it is said rather than the actual context of the statement. Too many girls have the belief that they can have sex with a guy and win his affection, his love, his time—him.

Some girls have sex and don’t enjoy it. They don’t come. No orgasm. No o r g a s m. And they’re okay with it. This appalls me. I thought it was an exaggerated urban myth, a legend that was a figment of some people’s imaginations. I thought sex was equivalent of orgasm. Meaning, I thought that if you had sex then you were supposed to come, at least once but hopefully three or four times. I was naïve, I know. It wasn’t that I thought that all sex was good; I just thought that most girls went in with the expectation that it was going to be good.

But there are girls, too many girls, who have sex with guys and don’t even consider it. Can you believe?

Would you eat a Big Mac from McDonalds—all 485 calories and 22 grams of fat, risk raising your blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.—if you didn’t at least like it? Hell no. It would be an extinct indulgence, an ancient thought. So, if you’re going to risk getting pregnant (unless you have a medical condition that prevents you from conceiving or you have your tubes tied) and being transmitted a STD why wouldn’t you make sure it was f**king worth it? Disclaimer: if you don’t come, it’s not worth it.

I’ve had friends complain to me afterwards that it didn’t feel good. Okay, well first times with someone can be awkward. But then they tell me that they did it again and it didn’t feel good. Sometimes there’s a third, fourth and even fifth time. That’s when I get revolted, sick to my stomach, bemused. I can’t fathom what has to be going through someone’s mind to do something a third, fourth and even fifth time after the first and second times were equally, or perhaps even more, displeasing? It totally and completely baffles me. How do you continue to allow some dude to take something from you when you are getting nothing back, not even the satisfaction of giving it to him? Do you not have more self-respect, self-worth than that? Do you not value your own fulfillment and pleasure than that? Do you even care?

I even hear that some girls have sex when the guy doesn’t even like her; they just want to do something to get him to like her. If he doesn’t like you, and you’re offering him your stuff on a platter, then he’s going to use you for the sex. Nothing wrong with that, it’s only fair, agreed?

But come on, let’s be realistic. If you’re having sex with someone who doesn’t like you back, or in the same way that you like him, then it’s going to f e e l like it. It’s going to feel like a reproductive process rather than a pleasurable one. It’s going to hurt!

The same applies to the story of the girl who has this guy chasing after her, a guy who she isn’t attracted to and doesn’t even like, that she just has sex with to get it over with so he can stop bothering her. Dry sex is as painful as it sounds so why put yourself through it?

Honey, he will n e v e r like you because you spread your legs for him. He will (most likely) like your pu**y.

No guy has sex with a girl to get her to like him so why have sex with him to get him to like you?

I think that too many girls have forgotten that sex is supposed to be a treat, a pleasurable experience. It’s supposed to feel good. Better than good. Nirvana-esque. Too many girls  see sex as a chore, drudgery. It’s a shame.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Are You Feeling The Rush?

I'm not. 

I don't like the orange. The original coloring and shot of Beyonce is much better to me.

I'm still gonna buy it as soon as it hits shelves though.

We All Want To Know, "Was That Okay?"

Beautifully, beautifully said.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Don't Be Afraid

I'm all about thigh-high splits, draping fabrics, bustiers, garter belts and towering platforms without compromising simplicity, unpretentiousness or minimalism.

I'm not afraid to be sexy, to be provocative. What's the fun in not being sexy?

A Body Issue...

I hate it when other women look at my body, sweat it and think that I'm lucky. I hate it when think i have it easy or something. Like I'm born like this. Luck is a state of mind and nothing worth anything is easy. 

This carved stomach, tiny waist, sculpted arms and sculpted legs ain't luck, bitch. It work. Pure, hard work. It's sweat. It's tears. It's pain. Good pain. Pain that makes you cry and laugh at the same time. Pain that takes over your mind, body and soul. It's pain that's worth going through. 

A body like this isn't perfect and it doesn't come without a fight. 

If you like it, if you want it then work for it. Get ready to fight. Warrior mode. No excuses, those are for lazy people.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let's Talk Sexy

Was there ever a (fictional) man sexier than Brad Pitt in Troy?

I know, if there ever was a silliest question, it was that one. I digress.

Troy is a movie that I can watch on MUTE and still be beyond entertained by the end—not only is it a perfect blend of history, love, and fashion (I lust after the gladiator boots they wore to pair with a maxi dress, of course Grecian-inspired)—from Brad Pitt to Orlando Bloom to Eric Bana, it's a carnal feast for the eyes in every which way. But there was something intoxicating about Achilles.
He stomped around in body-conscious armor, (by the way, I would totally rock the piece of armor that they wore on their arms to spice up an outfit!) his blond hair never ceased to stop blowing in the wind and he fought like a it was second nature—for God's sake, the man had on a skirt (of varying lengths) for the entire length of the film. Thighs made out of steel, killer instinct like a lion and those eyes. That savage squint of a warrior that lived in his piercing baby blue eyes. But those aren't nearly the only reasons why he's got to be one of the sexiest characters of all time. 

There wasn't a single moment of the movie (I've seen and analyzed it numerous times) where I didn't believe he was Achilles. He took this war hero from a myth to a fantasy. His moxie—blatant defiance, refusal to just follow some old fool's rules and unwavering opposition had my breaths flickering in and out of existence like fireflies. He made killing glorious, skirts virile and our fantasies to see his ass—excuse the French—come true.

Can someone pass me a glass of water, please? It's a little hot in here, no?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Digress...

It really bothers me when some people treat other people like they are inferior to them. Mutherf**ker, we all got the same color blood. Just because you're on top it doesn't mean you should spit on everyone beneath you. Who do you think is holding you up?

Even if you hate someone, they still deserve your respect. You don't have to love your competitors but always show them respect. You might need them one day.

Don't hate people who hate you. Love them. Love conquers all.


What's Your Biggest Fear?

Sometimes I feel like I have nothing. The scary part is that my ‘nothing’ is someone’s everything. So then I feel guilty for feeling like I have nothing because in fact I must have something since these other people want what I have. What I think as a life full of boredom, constraint and colorlessness is ultimate freedom, opportunity—Nirvana-like happiness to someone else. How come I can’t be satisfied with what I have, with what I’ve been given? Why do I want more? Am I greedy? Or ambitious? Obviously I’ve been given it for a reason. But what’s the reason? Why is it so hard to find this reason? I want to appreciate what I have because it can be taken from me at any second, blink of an eye.

I’m not happy. I remember a time when I was, wonder if I will ever make it there again to that soft, comforting spot. I have hope but I have my doubts because I know that there are people who are ‘chosen’. Some people are blessed with gifts, talents, special skills and abilities, and while I can identify with that, I don’t think I was graced with the blessing of complete happiness. Part of me doesn’t believe that that is a place I can reach.

Some people are so happy that it scares them. They’re so happy and everything’s happening for them, they’re living out their dreams and it’s scary because they know how rare that it is. One thing after another after another keeps on happening for them, the way they want it, and it’s mind-boggling because it’s them. They were picked to live that life over billions of others. Why, they wonder. But they’ll never comprehend it.

I’ve been gifted, chosen for certain things, but sometimes I fear that I will not be given the chance to live out my dream (s). I used to be naïve and foolishly believe that everyone got the chance, their chance to live out their dreams. But then I grew up and I realized that not everyone gets to wake up with a smile every morning, too happy to be tired. What if I’m not one of those ‘chosen’ ones?

That’s my biggest fear. What's yours?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

About Face

This look on Alicia Keys is one of my favorites, hands down. For some odd reason, she usually piles on the foundation and makeup that with such a naturally beautiful face and ethereal features, she doesn't have to. I love that she had the courage to step out on the red carpet and in the spotlight sans her normal highlights in the corners of the eyes, heavily glossed lips, false eyelashes and everything else. The bare nails and simple black dress oozing of minimalism only add to the au naturel look. Oh and course the hair. Digging the swirl. She looks so beautiful, truly has never looked better.
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