Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kim And I Have The Same Boots!

Kim Kardashian shooting the opening credits for KKTNY
I bought these same boots when I was in London in March of this year and since then I've only worn them maybe ten times. I was shopping with my sister and she bought them first. After I saw her with them I just had to have them. I was dying to find a pair of over-the-knee boots that I could actually afford and so I was smitten when I found these. So why can I count the number of times I've worn them? Well, the heels is probably about four and a half inches tall—not tall enough for me! I can't work with anything under five inches anymore. On top of that, i've realized that i prefer thigh high boots versus over-the-knee. They work on Kim because she's five inches short than me. Also, my major peeve with these boots is that when I walk more than fifty meters they start sagging over my knees and such. Gets really unbearably annoying.

But yeah, this is still cool.


  1. Those are lovely shoes! That is too bad they didn't work out- hopefully you will find a pair that fits beautifully! :)


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