Sunday, October 31, 2010

An Expression of Love...

Balmain is my ultimate favorite designer. I absolutely die for Victoria Beckham's structured, elegant, status defying frocks, drool over Stella McCartney's lady-like menswear and can't get enough of the comfy glam of Alexander Wang's T collection, etc., etc., etc...but Balmain is the master of bold shoulders, studs, gromments, acid-wash, distressed jeans, shredded cut-offs, thigh high splits, etc., etc., etc.
His S2011RTW collection did not disappoint...It made my eyes water and widen like a child on Christmas morning, enraptured by the studded, shredded, ripped and acidic couture. Can I just say that I love that his models were bared faced (or at least made to look like it) with dewy skin and bone straight hair? Well, I did.
Of course, as I said Balmain is my favorite designer. D e s i g n e r.

Never would I ever shell out tens of thousands of dollars...

Even on things as gorgeous as these. I'm much too attached (or detached) to reality for that. I'd rather just grab a handful of safety pins, kitchen shears, sandpaper, marker pens and get to work.

Winter Wishlist

I've already decided that my late fall/early winter shopping trip is going to consist of only the following: Thigh-high socks, cable-knit socks (to wear with booties), sleeved maxi dresses and structured & a-lined mini dresses. It won't be complete without a garter belts and a fresh pair of leather thigh-high flat boots (I don't do heels in the freezing cold) and gansta ankle booties. I've also vowed to limit myself to five black pieces—including the boots! Yikes.
Pleated Chino trousers in black—Zara
Polyester sold thigh-high sock in black and white—American Apparel

Backless tank dress in grey—American Apparel
Military style ankle boots with piking in black—Zara

Viscose shawl cardigan in grey-taupe—American Apparel
Jumpsuit with big pockets in black—Zara

Unisex jumper pant in black—American Apparel
Leopard face ring—Forever 21
Flat sole turndown boot in brown—Zara
Suedette elastic belt in brown—Forever 21
Leopard print ballerina with bow—Zara


My style is one extreme to the other—it's either black, minimal, bitchy and tough with sharp shoulders, unabashed plunging necklines, thigh-high splits, grommets and studs or muted, soft whites, creams and pastels with Grecian inspired drapery made from luxe silks, chiffon and jersey.

With that in mind...
There's something very pleasing to me about this light beige hue and the graciously draped yet narrow plunging v-neckline of this one-piece—sexy, but unpretentiously. It's easily wearable, yet the details—the rouched sleeves, faux wrap draping—make it classically sophisticated. I love how Hermès styled it with the piles of bangles, popped collar and modest sandals...
Don't really understand the sequined waistband, or even why I can't stop scrolling my eyes up and down this photo...and that's why I love it. And because it feeds my obsession with thigh high splits and full-length maxi dresses.
Elie Saab lets a girl dream...This blush pink makes my heart purr, my soul's so soft, but dramatic and beautiful and alluring. This brings me back to my childhood mindset when I would wrap sheets and comforters around my waist and secure them with scrunchies and run up and down the stairs—I thought I was Cinderella.
The lines in this design is amazing. And this delicate gown with those platforms—ah, genius. Elie Saab has the coveted title of my favorite S2011RTW collection, hands down. 
The majority of the Calvin Klein collection was a minimalist's dream. Though I'm so over black—or so I've convinced myself—and white is my new confidant this spring, I can't get enough of this dress. Can't get enough of it with those unassuming black and bronze strappy platforms and that relaxed ponytail.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

33 Things Amber Loves

32 things Amber Loves

  1. My family. (Hi, Mommy, love you!!)
  2. Tattoos
  3. Trivia
  4. Six inch black platform stilettos
  5. Wearing men's jeans...their button fly and all
  6. Oversized boyfriend blazers
  7. Beyoncé
  8. Thigh high platform leather boots
  9. Playsuits and rompers
  10. Writing stories
  11. Reading interviews
  12. Pouring through magazines
  13. Oversized sunglasses
  14. When a man smells good
  15. Watching people
  16. Fluffy hotels
  17. Jet black eyeliner
  18. Detective stories
  19. Brown packages
  20. When people call me by my name
  21. Dancing up a sweat in heels
  22. Perfumes
  23. Having fun with myself
  24. White fluffy things 
  25. Taking photos Driving alone
  26. Going to new places...even if it's down the street
  27. Baked cheesy pasta 
  28. Backless chiffon gowns
  29. Breaking traditions, rules, records...
  30. Pina Coladas
  31. Lacey lingerie 
  32. Originality 
  33. When people tell me, "you can't do that!" Watch me 

5 GBP -
75 GBP -

Happiness Is the Ultimate Beauty Appendage...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Out Of the Spotlight

It's one thing to look flawless on the red carpet...

And another thing to look flawless off of it.

After a hairstylist, makeup artist, wardrobe stylist and hours upon hours are spent on a single look it becomes more of a mind-numbing business arrangement than fashion or style.

Rachel Bilson always nails the casually urban look for me. This is just one of my favorites with the combination of a classic beauty like this timeless Chanel bag with her distressed Paige Denim jeans and vintage-y ankle booties. That feline-esque scarf is exquisite and I love her obvious overgrown roots hair.

This is simple my opinion What do you all think about Rachel Bilson's style? And do you think there's a correlation between a celebrities red carpet presence (in terms of style) than off the red carpet?

I Make My Own Standards...

I'm (strive to be) a nonconformist, non-traditionalist, did-you-see-that-girl type of chick.

I don't wanna look like anyone else, don't want sound like anyone else, don't wanna think like anyone else. Stagnancy disgusts me. I don't do things a certain way because they've always been done that certain way.

I like love tattoos. Love the rebellious attitude they exude. Love that they're permanent (for the most part). I hate bullshit tattoos. I like for tattoos to mean something. To express something that words & actions simply cannot.

The Only Girl...

Had to do an ode to one of my favorites...Rihanna.

I don't know Rihanna. I wish I did...

But I do respect Rihanna for her stimulating originality, for her unambiguous dauntlessness, for her refreshing novelty—besides, I can't get enough of that delectable accent, sparkling green eyes or those perfectly shaped lips.

Favorite Rihanna red carpet look:
Favorite Rihanna no makeup:
Favorite Rihanna red lip:
Favorite Rihanna menswear:
Favorite Rihanna smile:
Favorite Rihanna video look:
Favorite Rihanna hairstyle: 
Favortie Rihanna tattoo:
Favorite Rihanna gown:
Favorite Rihanna floral:
Favorite Rihanna hood: 
Favorite Rihanna sneakers:
Favorite Rihanna single photo:

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