Friday, October 29, 2010

I Make My Own Standards...

I'm (strive to be) a nonconformist, non-traditionalist, did-you-see-that-girl type of chick.

I don't wanna look like anyone else, don't want sound like anyone else, don't wanna think like anyone else. Stagnancy disgusts me. I don't do things a certain way because they've always been done that certain way.

I like love tattoos. Love the rebellious attitude they exude. Love that they're permanent (for the most part). I hate bullshit tattoos. I like for tattoos to mean something. To express something that words & actions simply cannot.


  1. Tattoo's are cool like you said if they mean something I have a couple myself. I don't like the generic ones that people just pick off a board in the tattoo parlour.

  2. me to...I have a few and ready to add to my collection. Yup, totally agree!


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