Friday, October 29, 2010

Out Of the Spotlight

It's one thing to look flawless on the red carpet...

And another thing to look flawless off of it.

After a hairstylist, makeup artist, wardrobe stylist and hours upon hours are spent on a single look it becomes more of a mind-numbing business arrangement than fashion or style.

Rachel Bilson always nails the casually urban look for me. This is just one of my favorites with the combination of a classic beauty like this timeless Chanel bag with her distressed Paige Denim jeans and vintage-y ankle booties. That feline-esque scarf is exquisite and I love her obvious overgrown roots hair.

This is simple my opinion What do you all think about Rachel Bilson's style? And do you think there's a correlation between a celebrities red carpet presence (in terms of style) than off the red carpet?


  1. She looks great here! I love the style and her scarf :)
    I think that celebrities just want too look normal off the red carpet and not so glam. Everyone has day's where they just don't feel like dressing up. :)

  2. I agree with you...if I were a celeb I would be all no makeup no glam every chance I got...but of course still with a killer pair of heels...that goes without saying!

  3. love it especially her shoes
    x fashionnerdic


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