Sunday, October 31, 2010


My style is one extreme to the other—it's either black, minimal, bitchy and tough with sharp shoulders, unabashed plunging necklines, thigh-high splits, grommets and studs or muted, soft whites, creams and pastels with Grecian inspired drapery made from luxe silks, chiffon and jersey.

With that in mind...
There's something very pleasing to me about this light beige hue and the graciously draped yet narrow plunging v-neckline of this one-piece—sexy, but unpretentiously. It's easily wearable, yet the details—the rouched sleeves, faux wrap draping—make it classically sophisticated. I love how Hermès styled it with the piles of bangles, popped collar and modest sandals...
Don't really understand the sequined waistband, or even why I can't stop scrolling my eyes up and down this photo...and that's why I love it. And because it feeds my obsession with thigh high splits and full-length maxi dresses.
Elie Saab lets a girl dream...This blush pink makes my heart purr, my soul's so soft, but dramatic and beautiful and alluring. This brings me back to my childhood mindset when I would wrap sheets and comforters around my waist and secure them with scrunchies and run up and down the stairs—I thought I was Cinderella.
The lines in this design is amazing. And this delicate gown with those platforms—ah, genius. Elie Saab has the coveted title of my favorite S2011RTW collection, hands down. 
The majority of the Calvin Klein collection was a minimalist's dream. Though I'm so over black—or so I've convinced myself—and white is my new confidant this spring, I can't get enough of this dress. Can't get enough of it with those unassuming black and bronze strappy platforms and that relaxed ponytail.


  1. These are definitely gorgeous- my favorite would be the third one! :)

  2. I love the easy look of the whole Hermes collection this spring.


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