Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thing's I'm Loving...

Twenty-one seconds of pure magic...absolute favorite commercial airing right now. It's the only ad since Charlize Theron in J'adore Dior that's combined sexiness with class and a dash of ethereal beauty. Love the concept + it's stunning to watch (don't ya love the eye candy?!)

Just bought this professional emery board from the Sephora Collection a couple hours and took it for a test file. Fell in love. Now usually seven inches isn't enough to satisfy me...
This is an exception, go figure.
Kim's on other December covers (like Cleo in South Africa) but this one I love as well as the spread. Love the different makeup looks. 
Which one is your fave?
I told you how much I adored Jessica Alba's December Elle cover but back then they hadn't released this photo. This one is my favorite. Love the glasses. So fun and fab.

Candy colors for's all I'm about these days! So excited, are you?

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