Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Know How Much You All Adore The Kardashians...

So here's some Kardashian stuff for you.
Can I just tell you how much I l o v e this picture?

Khloe gushed on Twitter and her blog that she is in love with this purple Birkin bag that her hubby Lamar got her for their anniversary but I love the affection he's showing her in this picture. True affection is the one thing that I think that cannot be faked and by Lamar's expression in this photo it clearly isn't.

There's too many things about this Christmas card that I love to mention them all—here's a synopsis.

This photo is the epitome of what a family holiday greeting card should be to me.

I think the way the individual families are broken up is sweet and clever.

Come on, the fashion is insane! Look at Khloe's tiered gown—the soft bush color against her flawless complexion, the contrasting liquid silver belt that accentuates her curvy waist—it is to die for. Loved that Kourtney didn't go with the obvious glamour gown look and went for a mens tuxedo and sultry dark lips.

Stunning family, stunning staircase, stunning colors, stunning, stunning, stunning.


  1. That family photo is absolutely stunning! They look gorgeous and I love Khloe's dress! :)

  2. I am not really on 'Team Kardashian', but I will say that Kourtney and Lamar do look very happy together...and that is what counts. :)



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