Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I didn’t actually walk out of my room without my shirt…
I piled on two very distinct necklaces that don’t really go together for a dramatic look…and to cover up my bare middle to keep it PG-13. 

These are absolutely my favorite pairs of shoes I’ve ever owned. Every time I put them on I feel sensuous—classy but dangerous, sexy not skanky. 

When I picked up this blazer and the price tag said $99.99 I decided that I would only be trying it on for fun… 

But then I slipped and totally fell for the slim, but not tight fit, the exaggerated shoulders without coming off as costumey, (I know…that’s not a real word!) and I remember even saying, “This is it. This is perfect.” Such a relief, you wouldn’t believe how far I’ve searched for the perfect black blazer to throw on over anything. In this case, just my skin. 

Now as I look at this picture, I realize that I’m wearing three of my favorite pieces in my entire wardrobe. 

Ah, they make me fuzzy like the inside of a peach.



  1. Hey girl! Your blog looks awesome! I love it! Glad you liked my post on HC and thanks for subscribing to my blog!


  2. Thank you so much...yours does too. My pleasure.
    How long have you had your blog?



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