Friday, October 8, 2010

Are You Shy?

You ever been in an audience and the speaker in the front of the room says to everyone, "Are any of you shy?" And then he/she told the people who were shy to raise their hands? And you considering yourself to be a little shy, really shy or even painfully shy raised your hand? Announcing to everyone else in the room that you were shy? So everyone else in the room would turn and look at you with your hand raise...because you believed you were a shy person?

I never raise my hand.

Because I'm shy.


  1. it's a cutie lil story...=)for such a person as shy as me..but....why am I in the blogging world...I should'nt have shown my face for the world to see? but i do...

  2. I understand where you're coming from. I'm a different person when I write. I'm wild, crazy, adventurous, audacious, vulgar..etc. Writing makes me free, I can become whoever I want without having to apologize for it.

  3. I used to be painfully shy... Even now I still curl into myself when I meet new people.


  4. So how do you get over it? What do you think it will take to ever really get over your shyness?

  5. ohh yes I'm extremely shy .. trying to work on it. I'm a major work in progress .

    - Nandi (Fashion Twins)

  6. Exactly! I used to be the same but I've kind of gotten over my shyness as I've grown older, but there are some circumstances (usually when I can't actually work out why) that I become that shy little girl hiding behind my mum again. No idea why. The good thing about all the uni courses I studied was that oral presentations were compulsory and by the end of my masters degree I was really comfortable up in front of industry leaders and a room full of students and lecturers.

    You'll get there, don't worry.

  7. @ nandi...I've been working on it too...

    @ Augusta...yeah, I'm taking speech communication classes and I'm actually good at it.

    I'm more shy when I feel like I have to reveal parts of my personality to people...I just feel vulnerable, like people have a chance now to judge me.


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