Monday, October 11, 2010

Beyond Obsessed!

It's a little embarrassing because of how cliché it is, but I'll admit it—I have an intense (and healthy but probably incurable) obsession with Mary-Kate and Ashley's style...

Striding through the airport in their neutral ensembles, looking so comfortable—I'm jealous. 

Why the obsession?

[I.] They're twins. I'm a twin. There's an intangible, innermost bond that most twins (and only twins) can feel.

[II.] They don't follow trends (neither do I). They cut, rip, tear, sew and manipulate clothes, take material things and make them art, abstract and their own.

[III.] Their book was pure heaven to me. I sat on the staircase of a Urban Outfitters store on High Street in London and poured through the pages, savoring the effects that each photo in the book had on my senses, totally mesmerized. It was undiluted art. I wish they would come out with another one.

[IV.] The Row and Elizabeth and James are strikingly original and easily two of the best labels out there.

[VI.] They know the importance of going big or going home—in their careers and their eyewear.

[VII.] They're me (!).

[VIII]. They recognize the beauty in natural beauty (i.e. on regular days they don't mask on the makeup.)

[IX]. Their golden tresses are always evolving, changing, lightening, darkening but looking bedroomy-wavy-sexy and messy, yet effortlessly elegant. 


  1. is it me or do they look really old? How old are they now? I thought they were in their early 20s...?

  2. your not the only fan of their style xx

  3. @arash...Yeah, they're still in their twenties...twenty-four actually. You think they look old...I think they look young (!)

    @Fuyume...I'm guessing you are too!


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