Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cristiano Rinaldo in "Housekeeping"

Wait...give me a minute...ahhh...

OK, I'm back. Wait, no. Did you see—no, need some more time, catch my breath. Anyone have a fan?

I'm good now. Wow. That was an advertising tour de force. Black & white, drenched in lascivious suspense, flawless. Love the story. So sexy, in a hotel room—this is a motion picture of every girls' fantasy, am I right or am I wrong?

I'm watching it again.


  1. As a guy I can't say I'm in love with the video as much as you are. However I definitely need to get my work out on... ha ha. I know there was also an advert with Megan Fox for armani.... now that's an advert!

  2. hahaha...see there's dual purposes for Armani advertisements...Not only are they pushing luxe jeans, but motivating people to exercise and be more healthy!...I love it


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