Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hard Tonight

(Image courtesy of Google.com. BTW Zoe is flawless in her Calvin Klein ad campaign)

I need it hard tonight. Real hard. Rock hard. I need to drip sweat, gasp for air, arch my back, pull the sheets, twist my face. I’m stressing and I need to let it all out.

Tonight—no music, lights on, door unlocked.

I need you to drive me crazy, tease me. Go deep, all in—ten inches, and then come out, not all the way—one inch; enough so I can still feel you but just enough so you make me grind my teeth and whimper like a puppy. Keep working it like that, over and over and over again until you start shaking and I start begging. I don’t need you to give anything to me. I need you to take it. Take it like it’s yours. You own it tonight. Don’t be gentle, don’t be shy. No mercy. Put your feelings away, your hands on my body and just go.

Ugh, I want it long and hard, just like you; fast but not hurried, wild but not crazy. Scratch the itch but don’t make it turn into a scab—I’m still vulnerable like a mosquito bite. Make me smile at your aggression, at the stupid shit you let drip from your mouth. Do what you can to get me to giggle.

I want it real, I want it raw, I want it to be loud tonight. Got to hear the smacking, the stickiness, the wetness, the breathing. I need to feel your skin slapping against mine, need to hear it. I want our moans to be deep, from the throat, and in sync. Want that rhythm to be the heart of our music.

We don’t have to look at each other, no eye contact necessary. You stay behind me, handle yours, and I’ll stay bent over—we’ll be good. Fuck the emotions, let’s go with our instincts.

I want you to do bad things to me that make me feel good, so good. I want you to make me feel every move, feel it deep, all the way.

We gotta leave everything behind those walls.

Now strip.


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