Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm Shopping in the Men's Department From Now On...

My most recent purchase. So in love with it.

There's something magnetic about scarves that is irresistible to me. Found this knit crinkle scarf with fringe detail in the men's department of Forever 21 this afternoon. I wanted a light fall jacket, but was unsuccessful (boo hoo) so this baby will keep me warm in place of one.

Think I'm becoming a scarf junkie. 



  1. Wow- you found this in the men's department? I think you can find good stuff there but you have to be careful...

  2. I'm obessed with buying things from the men's department!...why do you think I have to be careful?

  3. Surprised this was in the men's department!
    Good find! Although I'd probably get it in another color since I tend to wear darker jackets, that way the scarf would add that extra pop of color.

  4. Yeah, that's a good point. but this was the only one they had!


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