Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Run That Extra Mile...

Is that cheesy?

Maybe, but only as cheesy as you make it...

You ever find yourself mumbling under your breath after things have gone so well for a while and you’re starting to feel comfortable with your life and something pops up out of the blue, causing your ‘comfort’ to be nonexistent, “it’s always something,”? You know like as soon as you finish writing that ten-page paper and studying for a crazy-hard exam that you have a presentation due in the next few hours for the class you completely forgot about? Yeah, at those kind of moments. Well, in the fitness world those moments exist too.

Comfort doesn’t exist in the fitness world. If you’re comfortable, then you’re slacking. Once your muscles adapt to the stresses of doing a certain exercise or those three-pound dumbbells it stops being effective. The whole point of exercise is to challenge and put stress on your body so it will change. Take away the stress and that equation is a little empty, don’t you think? When you find yourself comfortable you need to challenge yourself further.

So, run that extra mile, lift those extra five pounds, stay in your sneakers ten minutes longer...

Loves, have you ever felt like you had gotten stuck in a rut with your fitness routines? I wanna know! Tell me about it by leaving me a c-note below.

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