Monday, October 25, 2010

To Turban or Not To Turban

Would you rock a turban?

Now that I've realized (or convinced myself) that it's offensive to those who religiously wear them, I think I might...

I love how fashion has the ability to pull inspiration from all over the world. It's truly a beautiful thing.


  1. i love this style its v big in japan atm xx

  2. Really? I think it's so chic, yet unpretentious...Do you live in Japan?

  3. I don't think the girl works the turban that well in this picture and judging on that alone I'd say no. However I have seen other women wearing them and they look fantastic. So I guess my answer would have to be it depends on what you're wearing one with.

  4. I'll absolutely rock one on I do agree with Arash not every one can rock an turban

  5. @arash...I agree. I don't think Kourt is rocking it well. I like it with no hair exposed.

    @F@r@hNeH's...Nope, and I'm curious, but not sure if I could either.

    Does anyone know who carries them?

  6. I think Kourtney looks great! I love the turban look, still trying to work it in to my own wardrobe..great blog! :)


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