Sunday, October 10, 2010

Together In Love

This is a snap image from Nelly's new video "Just A Dream"

I pull the blanket over our heads and now we’re under the water together. Our bodies cling to one another, limbs are intertwined, eyes closed. I can’t hear you; we’re in this too deep. All I can hear are my thoughts. Thoughts that I hope are in sync with yours.

Under the water we’re alone. Safe. Free. And you take advantage of that. I feel you feel me while your hands explore familiar places that suddenly feel new. I feel you tremble just a little. I feel your fingers dip inside my own ocean of wetness and it sends bolts of heat rippling through my body, makes my pussy shudder over and over again. My lips loosen as I give into the pleasure but you catch them with yours so we can stay under the water for just a little longer.

You kiss me like this is the last song we will ever kiss to. For only a moment our lips touch. Together, we don’t breathe. But we live. Live out a soft moment. Together. In love.

I pull the blanket off our heads…and we’re floating in love together.


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