Monday, September 20, 2010

Steeped In Gothic Glam And Biker Chic

It’s so fun to be unpredictable…

…because it’s so easy to be predictable. 

I love the combination of such a basic (and classic) outfit—a basic white tank and black pants—with a grungy, zippered cropped jacket and dangerous heels. The pants are elegant, the shoes are edgy, the top is plain and the jacket is super cool. 

This cropped motorcycle jacket is a beauty I (so luckily!) snagged in Zara during their end of the season sale about two months ago. It was truly love at first sight, from the beautifully crafted neckline to the kinda in the middle sleeve length.

I couldn’t believe it when I found these Body by Victoria wool ankle trousers on the “five for twenty dollars” rack at the semi-annual sale in the Jersey Gardens mall outlet store. When I peeped inside and saw that it was a size six, I died…in the good way! 

Theses Chinese Laundry shoes (I die for the original design by Alexander McQueen) add that gothic edge without being too dark or gloomy. The four-and-a half heel height is perfect for a day full of classes, meetings, and everything in between. 

This outfit is comfortable, simple yet complicated—off-duty fly…


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