Friday, October 22, 2010

Donna Karan Dresses

Staring at this dress leaves me breathless. Simply magnifique...
This dress is the exemplification of my style. Effortless, elegant, sophisticated, posh, guileless and unpretentious. It's scary at how much this dress gets me—the essence of Amber S. Brown. The only thing I would a split up to my thigh.
Walk into a room and command attention, make 'em stare at you, make 'em hate you...if only because they want to love you. Do the same when you leave...

I could spend twenty-four hours straight cruising Donna Karan's lookbooks. Could run out of room on a legal pad to write down all the reasons why Donna Karan is my favorite designer...


  1. These gowns are just gorgeous! They also look so effortless which make it even more sexy. :)

  2. Exactly..see Heidi, you're my kinda girl :)


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