Thursday, October 21, 2010


Getting in shape is hard, takes a lot of time and effort. So we’ve set up a proposal for you all. If you promise to go hard with the healthy eating and exercising on the regular, we’ll give you a head start and let you in on some secrets on how to look slimmer while your body catches up. It’s all about manipulating your wardrobe and dressing in the right clothes and shoes to slim you down. Side note: we’re not just talking about drenching yourself in black!
Max It Out

Floor-length skirts and dresses have made their ways on runways and for the past few seasons have been staples in affordable stores like H&M and Gap. They're perfect for extending the leg line and making you appear long and lean. For extra length, try a dress with an umpire waist maxi dress or try tucking your shirt in your maxi skirt and pulling it up a few inches before your waist actually begins. You can secure it with a fabulous waist belt. 
Ditch The Skinny & Flared Jeans

Get a streamlined effect with straight legged jeans that don’t taper or flare at the bottom—they should have a straight line from the waist to ankle. When you wear jeans that are too tight you get hang-ups at the hips, thighs and/or knees and that defeats the purpose.
Rock A V-neck

This isn’t permission to see how low you can go, but it is time to reveal a little more than your collarbone. When you wear things with a lower neckline you extend the neck line and a longer neck means a leaner appearance.
Go mono

Monochromatic that is. When you dress is all one color—dark neutrals—and it doesn’t have to be traditional black, you slim down and create a lean, lengthy silhouette.
Point Those Toes

Of course heels always extend the leg line but when you choose one with a pointed-toe, you add flawless inches to your legs. On the contrary, round-toe styles, and styles with straps around the ankle will cut your legs off and make them appear stumpy.
Au Naturel

Flesh toned shoes are one of our favorite secret ways to make your legs look like limbs of giraffes. Whether it’s a strappy sandal or closed toe pump, nude shoes will have you looking like a tall drink of water…or chocolate milk.
Get A Good Tailored Blazer

Blazers are the best way to camouflage a bulky midsection, back rolls, or loose triceps—yeah, just about every woman wishes she could have Madonna’s arms in this situation. The only thing is that your blazer should fit you to perfection from the shoulders to the back to the breasts—that means the possibility of getting it tailored. For the slimmest effect, stay away from shrunken and boyfriend styles.
Stay Away From Tunics

Or any other long style of shirt. When you wear shirts that come past your hips, you cut off your leg line and that makes you appear shorter.Go for shirts that hit you right at the waist to look the slimmest and vertically gifted.
To The Knee

Mini skirts and short shorts are obvious to make you seem taller. However, a hidden secret is that when you wear pencil skirts or sheath dresses that meet the top skim or bottom of your knees you lengthen your leg line and you appear taller and thinner.
Go Vertical

Stripes exaggerate things that they’re on; Horizontal stripes have a bad rep for spreading things out and making them appear wider, and while that’s a myth, they do draw attention to what they’re on. Stick with vertical stripes since they exaggerate in the right way, they elongate. But if you have to have horizontal, keep them thin.

Biggest misconception: Wearing clothes that are too tight, especially in materials like polyester that tend to cling to the body, will make you look slimmer. In reality, it does the exact opposite. It draws attention to the areas that you feel uncomfortable with. It’s okay for clothes to hug your figure—we like that—but don’t wear clothes that are skintight. Make sure they fit—and “fit” does not mean sprayed-on.

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