Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Sexy Morning

This was about a month ago...

I’m just sitting, breathing, thinking. Not about much. Just replaying my dreams from the night, imagining if they were to become reality. It’s morning, sun rays are streaming into the windows diagonally, it’s getting hotter by the minute. I yawn, silently, too lazy to get up and cross the room to turn the air conditioner on. I’m wearing a white ribbed tank top, no bra, and a pair of black seamless boyshorts. My left leg is propped up on the stack of pillows that only occupy my bed for decoration, my right leg is slightly bent towards my chest and as I wait for my alarm to go off, I dim my eyes, drift away. I imagine cradling his head in my right palm, burrowing his face all up in there, forcing his tongue deep—I even imagine the smacking sounds he makes when he...

I tighten my lips as my eyes dart to my BackBerry.

Really Beyoncé? You could have given me one more minute, he was about to—oooh.

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