Sunday, October 3, 2010

In the Case of A Married Man

When I find out a man is married it’s over…

Whether it’s a wedding band, or if the admission comes straight from the horse’s mouth, something inside of me changes. I’m no longer attracted to him even though he may still be super attractive, you know what I mean?

I have to admit. When I see or hear that a man is married, it adds to his sex appeal. A lot (actually). But that doesn’t make me want to have sex with him even if I was fantasizing about it (as he spoke) before I found it out. It’s called respect, ladies. If you’re not familiar with the term let me know. I’ll hook you up with my girl Aretha Franklin.

Sometimes I hear girls say that they go after a man even harder once they find out that he is married. I get it; Y’all think it shows that he can commit, right? Wrong. One, if he does something with you, whether it’s kiss, rub, hug you for too long with his hands too low, or all the way sex while he’s still with her, he’ll do it with you (that’s assuming that you ever actually get him) too. And we all know the odds of a married man leaving his wife.

Seeing a man who is committed to one person and one person only can’t always be a catalyst for a pair of sopping wet panties. All commitment isn’t created equal. You can’t (I’m very guilty of this!) assume that just because he’s committed and married that he’s happily married. He could dread going home to his wife every night. He could be on the brink of blurting to his wife, “I want a divorce,” every time he lays eyes on her.

So, like I said earlier, when I find out a man is married my initial reaction is a drooping, “oh.” But then I think about it and realize that until he stops wearing his ring and is legally single again he is completely off limits. But if there ever comes a time that the rings slips off (for good)…who knows…

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