Friday, November 5, 2010

Footwear Or Jokes?

I'd shave my head before I slipped my feet into these mohawk shoes. Tsk, tsk, I know. YSL is one of my favorite accessories designers but this is just a joke to me—minus the funny part...
A creative masterpiece, genius...just trying to figure out where and when would these Alberto Guardiani lipstick heels ever be appropriate?
I want to glide my feet into these Kobi Levi gum heels and try them on...just to see how they would feel. I imagine as yucky as it looks.


  1. Wow- these are some interesting shoes! I would be scared to wear the third pair as the heel doesn't look reinforced! LOL :)

  2. When I saw that gum shoe the first thing I thought is how well designed it is, the way the shoe is angled you can almost feel the pressure of 'pulling' off the gum but besides from that they are totally hideous! More like some weird modern art than a shoe.
    I don't like the lipstick either but I do have a dirty confession to make...I actually have a soft spot for the YSL mohawks. I know they're ridiculous and people might laugh and point but I really quite like them! (I must have some poor repressed punk in me trying to get out!

    evie x

    (& thank you for stopping by to comment on my 'Taking a Risk' post. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts)

  3. You're so right about that. I would probably never wear these, but these are some of the most well designed and well-made shoes I've come across in a long time. Works of art...really.

    I'm a sucker for mohawks too (when they're done right) but just not on these shoes...especially on the front like that. And I'm really not feeling the purple either.

    Sure, hun. I love cursing through your blog. It's very different from other people's and I love that.


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