Friday, November 5, 2010

Just Be...

You know those characters from movies that you remember maybe for a line they said or how the way they dressed was so recognizably different from everyone else's? The people who can pull this off in real life—those are the people who inspire me, who I look up to, who I aspire to be. 

Fundamentally, your style, from the way you put together outfits to the fabrics you chose to buy, should be solid reflections of your individual character. People that exude this theory of mine are the people who impress d a z z l e me. Not people who pull off runway looks or look perfect on the red carpet. I dig unconscious character, when it is at its most organic state.

I believe everyone should be a character but the key is not to be a scripted or manufactured character or a character constructed from imitation—for imitation is death—but to be the character of yourself. It doesn't have to be as wacky as Lady Gaga because in truth, you are not Lady Gaga and trying to be her character is like stuffing a knife down your throat (please forgive the graphic description). When you blast someone else's character to its maximum volume, it will never be as loud as your muted character. 

Stop wearing your clothes that way because everyone else is. Stop acting that way because you see all your peers acting like that. Stop sexing them (him) (her) because you see other people doing the same thing. Stop lying because they do. Stop pretending because they do. Just s.t.o.p. 

Don't think your life is boring. Don't underestimate the strength of your intelligence. Don't think your personality isn't flavored enough. Don't think your character isn't g r e a t enough because it is!

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