Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Incomprehensible Love...

This is my favorite look that Rihanna has done since she's colored her hair red.

I have to admit, I was not a fan at first. I thought it had good intentions, but just was too much. I was tired of her constantly changing her hair every time I finally got adjusted to a new look. But I get it now. Aside from the business perspective, it's just her way of expressing how she's feeling—and that I will always support, no doubt. I mean, seriously, what Rihanna does with fashion, how committed she is to expressing her own true style, is nothing shy of incredible to me.

Just this one outfit says so much. It may look simple or plain, but it's so much more than that. I mean, how many of you would have woke up and decided to pair a long sleeved mint green fishnet blouse with a pair of leggings in a faintly lighter shade of mint green with a cream colored pump? Exactly. It's very abstract and incomprehensible—and that's what I l o v e about it. About her. About Fashion. About style. About life.

The cherry red lipstick with the candy red bone straight hair vividly contrasting to the soft greens and deep nail color (I can't believe she finally chopped her nails down!) is absolutely gorgeous. I love her jewelry choices, especially those rings on her left hand and of course, the best part of her ensemble, and this picture in general, is her smile. Magnifique. 


  1. Totally agree, although I think all nude and pastel/light colors are amazing on her tone and the hair color! Her look is very womanly and I love love this look!!

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  3. I love it too. She's totally fearless, and that rocks!

    ♥ V
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