Friday, November 19, 2010

Don't Get Too Comfortable

Courtesy of Refinery 29
Wow, you all have got to take five minutes out and check out the rest of this funny diagram that Refinery 29 did on "How To Become A Star Style blogger." It is absolutely hilarious—the great Muhamad Ali said it best that the funniest jokes are the truth. Ain't that the truth.

After every level of the graph, as I kept going down further and further, more and more comments like, "Exactly!", and "Amen" kept seeping from my lips.

I've said it before, (again here) and I have no problem saying it again—I hate imitators, mimics, people without originality who do and wear the same things other people do and wear because...just because. It makes me sick. 

I can't tell you how disgusted I get when witness the depth of the homogeny that the top fashion bloggers possess—you know the ones who are in the ad campaigns, who have front row seats during fashion week, who have personal photographers nine times out of ten are their boyfriend. I'm tired of seeing these bloggers with the same poses in the same basic places with the same mother-effing Alexander Wang bag and Jeffery Campbell shoes! (No offense to these designers by the way.)

I mean, I have to be honest. When my interest in blogging and bloggers bloomed from a curious bud and into a healthily obsessive flower, I followed these kinds of bloggers. Mainly because their names and faces were the principle names and faces I saw. Because they were the ones with the most followers and the ones doing interviews with official magazines, print and online, I immaturely thought that that meant these people hosted the best blogs out there.

Then, the infatuation stage faded and I started realizing that they didn't update as frequently in juxtaposition to some of the other bloggers with less popularity did. Next, I started to notice that their pictures all looked the same, they didn't have quality text in their posts and they didn't respond to emails or the hundreds of (generous) comments on their posts. At this point I was baffled because now I one, didn't know who to look up to anymore, and two, didn't want to leave, but couldn't bare to stay.

I've been careful and sure to not become one of those fashion bloggers. I mean, the fact that I'm not famous and not getting personal invitations to sit in the front row of runway shows and not being sent personal gifts from major designers kinda helps, but in the case that I ever do, I've trained myself to always know why I blog in the first place. I don't blog for followers. Likewise, I don't blog for fame. I would blog if the only person who read my posts were my mother (she gushes at anything I write). My goals are to deliver content that is real, and that is of good quality. To have posts not just with artwork or photographs, but with delicious words strung together like a jazzy candy necklace. Yes, those perks I've mentioned earlier are wonderful but they're not my driving force.

Now I understand that the best bloggers are the underdogs, the ones without the fame, without the name, without the glory. Why? Because these 'top fashion bloggers' don't have the same hunger as those who are underdogs, which are typically the novice, do. They don't have the same drive to be creative, to be fresh, to be innovative. They're comfortable.

And you know what happens when you get comfortable, don't ya?

Hell yeah.


  1. I think this is pretty offensive to us blogger, cause no a blogger is getting a stereotype, depending on what type you are, and yes the underdogs have the drive more than the star blogger!

  2. You're is offensive, but only to those who assimilate and conform to the norms of the 'top' fashion bloggers out there, creating the same kids of posts, taking the same kinds of photos, wearing the same kinds of clothes, etc.

  3. i agree 100%
    most of the famous bloggers out there all have the same 'style'


    vintage this vintage that.
    blaaa blaaa blaaa
    looool x

  4. What came first, the conformity or the popularity?

  5. I do agree that many so called top blogger seem to do the same thing, though I'm not totally sure because I actually don't read them. I like 'small' blogger! Though similarity/conformity is everywhere, I am so tired of Lavin for H&M!

    Though I think eventually public opnion will come round and a new wave of fresh bloggers will become popular. Ultimately interesting content will win out (I hope!).

  6. yes! it is becoming ridiculous. if i see one more pair of Lita's worn with leggings or that damn studded A Wang bag in a post with 1000004 comments, i might barf. it comes down to the fact that these bloggers, though they might have started as style-makers, have become lazy. this might have something to do with all of the opportunities their blog has offered them - too busy to style an outfit? no problem, just resort to the tried & true "cool kid" uniform. ho-hum.


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