Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Are Your Best You

I have an ongoing love affair with originality. 

I remember how much I envied (still envy) this one girl's style who I went to high school with and it was (is) because of how original she was. It was because she wasn't afraid to express herself and her true personality through the garments she chose to wear. She never dressed the way anyone else dressed. Nothing she wore ever matched. If she had a pink zebra stripped shirt then she had to throw a brightly hued turquoise cardigan over it and slide her feet into a pair of pointed-toe leopard flats. This kind of outfit, vision—imagination blogged my mind. Her audacity, her freedom, her ability to think independently was astounding to me. 

I always wanted to dress like her but I never wanted or even attempted to look like her. Why? Because I wasn't her. No, I was Amber S. Brown. If I threw on an outfit like that I would just look like some crazy girl who doesn't match! I took a lot of inspiration from her and the way she (subconsciously) put (remarkably) stylishly fashionable outfits together, but I never tried to imitate her.

You have to remain true to yourself when it comes to style, when it comes to life. You don't have to dress a certain way to stand out to be different. If you dress like you, then you will stand out and look different.


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