Thursday, November 18, 2010

Things Are Things & Stuff Is Stuff

For one, I am a perfectionist yet I know that perfection does not exist and when it tries to, it's annoyingly boring! Two, I am a workaholic, but incredibly lazy. See, I am made up of contradictions. And I fully accept and embrace them.

One of the contradictions that I know is evident on this blog is the fact that I love fashion, live and breathe style, lust after luxury garments—but I am not a consumerist or an (subconscious) aspiring consumerist or materialistic person.

I love the question, "If you could only bring three things with you on a stranded island, what would you bring?" I love this questions because unlike others who get stumped with a dumb look plastered on their faces, I always know my answer.

Nothing. Nope, since (my twin sister) Danielle doesn't count as something, there's nothing that I feel is necessary to bring with me. Yeah, I (generally, which means when I don't have a day packed with meetings and class) stay on my MacBook for probably sixty-percent of my day (of course working, darlings!) but I could let it go in an instant—of course, going on a stranded island would make me much less tempted. 

I have no attachment to material things. Honestly, I (often!) use the word, "obsess" very loosely. Truly, I don't obsess over things, people or places that I will never obtain. I don't live in a fanatical world. I am optimistic, but I always remember that "you never know". Because you don't. My obsessions are with nonphysical, intangible things. Like time. By no means is this an obsession that I am proud of, I am simply being strictly honest with you right now.

Some people just want "things". And they just want "stuff". And they just want to say that they have "things". And just want to say that they have "stuff". That is not me. I learned early that (outside) beauty fades. Likewise, I learned that some stuff is just stuff. Stuff that doesn't mean anything when you close your eyes at night and begin to dream.

That's only the skin-deep, human nature part of me. See, I don't care about what you have in your wallet (or bank account). I don't care about what you have in your house. I appreciate the artistry, the craftsmanship, the beauty of a luxurious pair of classic red soled Christian Louboutins and a posh Donna Karan column gown but don't be mislead—but I know that at the end of the day, it's still a shoe, a dress, a pair of pants. Some people emotionally attach themselves and their minds to material things and to me that is a sickness.

Oh, by the way...if I had to pick something to bring it would be a pen pencil and paper. I'd h a v e to write. If I had a photo album as thick as "Queens of Crime" (the world's thickest book according to the Guinness Book of World Records), which is a future dream of mine, I would definitely bring that as well.

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